Saturday, June 1, 2013

Indulging in Foret Noire

At the request of my cousin Jennifer, I baked a black forest cake for my aunt's birthday celebration. I have not baked this cake since my aunt's birthday last year. She loved black forest cake. It's one of my favourites too. According to my cousins Jennifer and her sister, Florence, the cake was scrumptious and well received by young and old. Jennifer has asked me to bake one for her father's celebration in June.

Because I have not tasted this cake for so long and they loved it so much, I decided to bake a small 5" round one for my family and my sister's. It's her favourite too. This round, I added brandy to soak the cherries and brushed the sponge cake with the liqueur-laced syrup since there are no small kids eating it. For adults only.

This time, I managed to buy fresh cherries to decorate the cake. So sorry I couldn't buy fresh cherries to decorate the cake for my aunt. Don't worry. I'll make sure I get them for my uncle's. I did not have any ready-made chocolate flakes to decorate the sides and top. But I have lots of chocolate bars at home. They came in handy. I chopped and grated them. It made the cake even more chocolaty delicious.

I have posted the recipe in my blog here before. Try it.

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