Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freshly Baked Japanese Anpan

I've caught the bread making bug. Can't stop baking buns. I've even bought a few bread making books like Yvonne C.'s 65°C Tangzhong Bread, 孟老师100道面包, Alex Goh's Magic Bread and Rose Levy Beranbaum's Bread Bible. Have been analysing and experimenting the different methods of bread making and studying the ingredients' proportion to flour. I love the Tangzhong method because the bread can stay soft and fluffy longer.

Coffee Buns

The aroma of coffee is simply hard to resist, especially for coffee lovers like me. I love anything with coffee and chocolate. Remember the time when "Roti Boys" was in vogue. I remembered queuing at the China Square outlet for a bite of the aromatic bun. After "Roti Boys" came onto the scene, there's a lot of others baking the same type of coffee buns. In my opinion, "Roti Boys" was the best and the next best one would be "Roti Mum". Or is it "Papa Roti"? I cannot remember the exact name. The bun is sinfully delicious. Why sinful? Because it's loaded with butter. Eat first and think about excersising and eating healthier food later on. Go the whole hog and savour the delicious moments ........

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