Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angry Birds Chocolate Cake

Angry birds seem to be the rage now. Games, soft toys, thumb drives, etc. You see them everywhere. When I suggested angry birds theme for Ryan's 11th birthday cake, he said YES. I've never tried fondant or sugar paste and have never really wanted to try because they are just all made out of sugar. It's all too sweet .............. But I decided to them out anyway because I do not know what cake design to bake for a boy. 

Japanese Cream Puff

When I first tried the cream puff at Tampopo Deli in Liang Court, I fell in love with it. It's even better than the famous Beard Papa that attracted long queuesvwhen it first made its entrance many years ago. The Tampopo puff was so good that each customer can only buy 4 at any one time. These puffs were only available on every hour due to the small kitchen. Queues will start forming before the puffs were out from the oven. Don't worry. The kitchen and deli has been expanded and you now no longer have to wait in long lines anymore. Puffs are available most of the time and there's no more quantity restriction. Great! Isn't it?

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