Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fruity Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

This cake looked so lovely, so kawaii. Don't you agree? The base is a Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and beautifully adorned with fresh cream and fruits. This cake is specially made for my daughter's sweet 18th birthday. You see, my daughter is a baker herself and she has requested me to buy her an assortment of petite cakes from Antoinette. She has always wanted to try those pretty cakes (and they sure do look so pretty). You can visit Antoinette to look at their array of cakes. And she actually did not want me to bake a cake coz she said I always bake the same cakes (but I want to perfect my skills in those cakes ....) I guess that's the difference between a youngster who wants to try baking a variety and someone older like me who wants to sharpen her skills and perfect it. I've never baked a Japanese cotton cheesecake (it was a craze many years back) and I wanted to try it this time. She agreed with my choice and I started reading up .....

Sinfully Chocolate 'N' Crunch

As the title implies, this cake is oozing with chocolate and crunch. It may be too rich and sinful to those who are watching their waistlines. But it's for my nephew's 16th birthday. He loves chocolate cakes. I suggested manago mousse cake because Thai honey mango is in season and I have been baking chocolate cakes for him the past few birthdays. Nope, he said. Chocolate cake still wins and it is to be filled with crunchy chocolate pearls between the 2 layers. Okay, his wish is my command.

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