Sunday, October 23, 2011

Light Butter Cake

The year-end final exam for my son, Ryan, is finally over. What a relief! I can bake again and update my blog. What to bake? I wanted something simple that we can eat during tea time or any time of the day. Classic butter cake comes to mind. I've baked a rich yellow butter cake before. It's rich and sinful because only egg yolks are used. Too much saturated fats and cholesterol from egg yolks and butter. No good for the arteries and heart. This time, I wanted to try a lighter version of butter cake. To do this, I used whole eggs and separated them. I whipped up the egg whites chiffon style to lighten the batter and thus created a lighter cake. The texture is fine and light and that's what I wanted. I'm going to stick to this recipe now.

"King of Fruits" - Durian Cake

Durian - the king of fruits in tropical Asia. Most people will either love it or stay miles away away from it. It has a very strong, fragrant (to durian lovers) or pungent (anti-durianers) smell that seems to linger on forever. It's bizzare food for those who hate it. Lucky for me that my family are durian lovers. There's no "No durian in the house" rules.

Classic Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

I believe the majority of people from young to old love chocolate. Chocolate is such a versatile ingredient. It can be used to make wonderful desserts from the simple chocolate icecream and brownies to the decadent chocolate cakes and pies. We can have a cup of piping-hot chocolatey drink on a nice, rainy, cold day. The best chocolate drink I had was when I was at Stanley Park in Vancouver many, many years ago. It was cold and wintry. The cup of hot chocolate in my hands then was simply heavenly.

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