Friday, August 15, 2014

Prune Yoghurt Cheese Cake

It's a cheese cake but not exactly like those heavy american cheese cake we know. I would say this is a healthier and lighter version. There's more yoghurt than cream cheese. Good news to those who love cheese cakes but are wary of the amount of calories that go into it. It has a tangier taste due to the introduction of yoghurt and lemon juice. I would have preferred it to be a little sweeter. Perhaps I should increase the cream cheese portion to make it 50% cream cheese and yoghurt next time.

How did this type of cheese cake come about? You see, I've been yearning to bake this prune cheese cake ever since I tasted it at Dino Cake House & Cafe. It is light and I love the prunes in it. It is different from the types of cheese cakes I've tasted. But I have no idea how to make the cream cheese layer. Until one day .... I was browsing through the Okashi cake book that I have and chanced upon the Pineapple Yoghurt Cheese Cake. The yoghurt cream cheese recipe in it looked like the texture I've been looking for. And I have a ready excuse to bake this cake to celebrate the birthday of my cell group members born in August. Without much hesitation, I bought all the ingredients I needed. I soaked the prunes in rum liqueur at least one day in advance and baked the vanilla chiffon cake first. Once done, I prepared the yoghurt cream cheese frosting and assembled the cake. It was pretty easy. To give the cake some color, I glazed it with apricot jam. Then it's all done.

Taste test time. I would say it's quite similar to the one I had at Dino except that the yoghurt cream cheese was a little too sour to my liking. I reduced the sugar in the recipe by about 10% because I was afraid it will be too sweet. I shouldn't have done that. The yoghurt and lemon juice would balance out the sweetness. Will try to do it with equal portion of cream cheese and yoghurt the next time. I shared this with my cell group friends that this is a healthy cake - good bacteria from yoghurt and fibre from the prunes. The vanilla chiffon cake does not have any butter, just corn oil. Go ahead and indulge ....

(A) Vanilla Chiffon Sponge Cake (7" square size)

Click here for the sponge cake recipe.

(B) Yoghurt Cheese Filling

200g cream cheese
80g castor sugar
300g plain sugar-free yoghurt
100g whipping cream
1 tbsp lemon juice
5g gelatin sheets soaked in ice water
Handful of prunes (cut into smaller pieces if too big) soaked in rum liqueur, 1 day in advance

1. Combine cream cheese and castor sugar using an electric mixer until creamy.
2. Add in the yoghurt, whipping cream and lemon juice. Blend well.
3. Place the softened gelatin in a bowl and heat gently over a pot of simmering water. Once gelatin has melted,add to the cream cheese mixture and mix until incorporated.
4. Fold in the soaked prunes into the cream cheese mixture.

** Note ** Leave some prunes aside for decorating the top of the cake

(C) Fruit Glaze

2 tbsp apricot jam/preserves
1 tbsp water

1. Mix the apricot jam with water in a bowl and heat gently over a pot of simmering water until melted.

Assemble the cake
1. Slice the vanilla sponge cake into 2 halves.
2. Place the first half onto a cake board and place a 7" square cake ring over it.
3. Spoon half of the cream cheese mixture onto the first layer. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes to allow the cream cheese mixture to harden a little. Refrigerate the remaining cream cheese mixture at the same time.
4. Remove cake and remaining cream cheese mixture from refrigerator. Place the second layer of sponge cake on top of the slightly hardened cream cheese mixture.
5. Spoon the remaining half of the cream cheese mixture onto the sponge cake. Smoothen it with a spatula.
6. Top the cake with the remaining prune pieces for decoration. Using a pastry brush, brush the apricot glaze over the top layer of the cake.
7. Refrigerate the cake until the cream cheese is set before removing the cake ring. Use a blowtorch or hot towel to warm the outside of the cake ring before removing it.

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