Monday, August 25, 2014

Pandan Chiffon Cake II

Pandan chiffon cake is one of my forte. I would like to say that family and friends have given me the thumbs up for this cake. This time round, I experimented with taking out the pandan paste. I used pure pandan juice instead. Make it more concentrated by blending more pandan leaves to water, like about 10 leaves to 5 tbsp water. You can refer to my previous pandan chiffon cake post here for the recipe. Omit the pandan paste and change the pandan juice to 4-5 tbsp depending on the concentration. You would see from the pictures posted here that the color is lighter due to the absence of pandan paste. But they still look lovely and natural. Don't you agree? The taste is equally good, if not better, without the artificial pandan paste. Give it a try and share your comments with me.

The recipe is based on a 23cm tube pan. To use a 21cm tube pan, reduce the ingredients by 2/3.

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