Saturday, April 16, 2011

Strawberry Marshmallow Jelly Cake

Does it look like cheese cake to you? But it's not cheese cake. It is marshmallow cake. I first had a taste of this cake from my hubby's friend. It's finger-licking good. It doesn't have the heaviness of a cheesecake and you can eat a few at one go. I love the contrasting flavour of the fragrant and butter biscuit base, the creaminess of the marshmallow filling and the tartness of the strawberry jello. Thus begins my search for a recipe to make this cake. After trawling the web, I came upon the recipe from Baking Mum (
I tweaked the marshmallow filling and jello topping in the recipe to my preference. It's a hit. Young and old love this cake.


200 gm digestive biscuits
80 gm melted butter

Crushed digestive biscuits and mix well with melted butter. Press into a 7” tin. Refrigerate for later use.

Marshmallow filling
230g marshmallow
150 ml fresh milk
300 ml whip cream
2 tsp of gelatine powder

Put all the ingredients into a pot. Boil over small fire and stir continuously until gelatine is dissolved.

Jello topping
1/2 packet (90g) of raspberry or strawberry jello
400 ml of water
2 tsp of gelatine powder

Boil all ingredients until dissolved.

Assembling the cake
1. Pour marshmallow filling into the prepared baking tin with biscuit base. Put in freezer until slightly harden but not totally frozen.
2. Take it out and arrange sliced fresh strawberries on top of the filling.
3. Put it back to freezer to harden a little. When slightly harden take it out and pour the slightly cooled jello on it.
4. Put in fridge to chill. Cut into small pieces to serve.

To ensure strawberry slices do not float up on when the cooled jello is poured into it, the marshmallow filling cannot be too hard so that you can push the strawberry slices into it.


wildash said...

These look delicious ! My son is not keen on cake and has requested a just marshmellow cake. Do you think it would work using the marshmellow element of your recipe ?

Joyce said...

Hi Wildash,

If I understand you correctly, you just want the marshmallow component. Right? You can do it with both the digestive biscuit base and the marshmallow component. These have to be refrigerated to firm the cake. You can choose any topping you want besides the strawberry jelly. Hope I answer your question. Let me know if you still have any queries.

Unknown said...

Looks JELLYCIOUS to me. The icing which in your case is the jelly looking one is perfect and the one below it too. Thanks for the recipe. I will try it after I'm done trying Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe.

Joyce said...

Hi Megan,
You are welcome and hope you will like it.

KirstenToh said...

Hi..sorry I am such an idiot....I m not surethe ingredient whip cream being whipped cream or whipping cream? Appreciate clarification..

Joyce said...

Hi Kirsten,

Don't be so hard on yourself. It's whipping cream or heavy cream. Sold in the supermarket. Brands available are normally Emborg and President in NTUC. Let me know if you still have any more queries.

Grace said...

Will the jelly cake melt in room temp easily?

Joyce said...

Hi Grace,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. The cake shouldn't melt so quickly at room temperature unless the cake is sitting out in a warm room for a long time. You just have to refrigerate it until the jelly hardens before serving. If you are thinking of bringing it out to a party, then refrigerate it for a few more hours before transporting it. Hope this helps.


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