Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Baking Adventure

It's Chinese New Year again and I get a little ambitious this year. For the past few years, I just baked the open-faced pineapple tarts and almond cookies for my mum, sister and my family only. I tried baking the closed pineapple tarts (with modifications to the open-faced tarts) last year after all the CNY frenzy frizzled. It turned out to be good (approved by my daughter). Haha .... It has a buttery texture that just melts in the mouth. Are you drooling already? So I decided to bake the closed version this year, with a few open-faced ones for my son. Can guess the number of pineapples I cooked this time? TWENTY EIGHT. Of course, I did not cook all at one go. I think I cooked them over 4 separate sessions. It's real hard work. No wonder homemade pineapple tarts are so expensive. Since I baked more this year, thus have more to give out to friends and relatives.

Next comes the kueh bangkit. This small, white little biscuit is a little temperamental. Not easy to manage. But I still manage to bake two successful batches of these little morsels that melt in the mouth. I tried with both fresh coconut milk bought from the market and the one bought from the supermarket. The verdict : fresh coconut milk won.
What did I do with those that do not have the melt in the mouth texture? Still eat them and treat them like eating biscuits ...........

Almond cookies. This is the easiest one to make and the healthiest. No butter and eggs. Just toasted almonds with skin on ground coarsely, flour, icing sugar and corn oil. Easy. Isn't it?

Here's all that I have.


Ms Ng said...

Thanks for the delicious home-made closed pineapple tarts! They were all snapped up the very day I brought the container home. :o)

Joyce said...

You are most welcome. Glad that you like it. Working on posting recipe online.

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