Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

This cake is specially baked for my mother's 77th birthday on 2 March. I wanted a cake that is simple and easy to bake due to time constraints. My father has been sick and I was busy shuttling between my parents' house and mine. It was tiring. I'm sad to say that my father has gone home to be with the Lord on 20 March 2014 after a short battle with lung cancer. He was so brave all these while, no complaining about his illness. But I'm so comforted that he accepted Christ and was baptized by my cousin-in-law pastor while in the hospital. His mind was crystal clear and he accepted Christ willingly. I thank God for His grace, love and mercy; that my father need not suffer the pains of end-stage cancer. He is now safe in the arms of Jesus in heaven, where there's no pain and suffering; no sorrows and tears.

Without too much of a thought, pandan chiffon cake, my speciality, came to mind. I had homemade gula melaka syrup (palm sugar) in the fridge; and so why not make gula melaka fresh cream frosting. That's easy. For the filling between the 2 cake layers, I thought of kaya. My son was at Thomson Plaza for a haircut and so I asked him to buy a small tub of kaya from Hans. I love the kaya from Hans because it's not too sweet.

The decoration of the cake was simple and fuss-free too. Walnuts and homemade chocolate syrup. This must be the shortest time I've taken to bake a birthday cake. But the end result is not too shabby. The combination of pandan chiffon cake, kaya and gula melaka fresh cream is refreshing and delectable. My brother-in-law mentioned that if I added red beans and chendol, it would be a chendol cake. That's a good idea and I will bake that next time.

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