Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

It's Christmas Day and it has been quite some time since I invited our family friends over for food and fellowship. Since we got back from our year-end vacation (we went to Brussels and Paris this year and the kids got to see, feel and play snow) early this year, I had the time to plan. Guess what? One of the dish I cooked was Belgian beefstew, known as Carbonnade Flamandes in Brussels. It's easy to cook. Another new dish I tried was Italian seafood stew. It turned out delicious. Only gripe is the fish meat got all broken up. Don't use fish meat next time or put in the fish meat last. We also had roast chicken legs and everyone gave this a thumb up. It's my perfected recipe and definitely a keeper for parties. Not to mention, we must have some salad greens to balance the heavy meal. I made a rocket salad dressed in balsamic vineagar, sesame and honey mustard dressing. Everyone enjoyed the food and we had a great time. Cheers to friendship and food!

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