Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese New Year Goodies 2013


The Lunar New Year is here again. Here's wishing all of you a prosperous, bountiful and healthy Year of the Snake ahead. I'm sure CNY is a very busy period of most mothers and wives. There is the spring cleaning to take care of, buying new clothes for our loved ones, baking goodies and preparing the big feast on CNY's eve. Sometimes I wish that we can skip all these preparations by going for a holiday during the festive period. But with school-going children, it's a little difficult to arrange. That's just one tiny excuse. Much as I dread going through the preparation, I look forward to the baking, cooking and meeting up with my relatives too. So ironic, isn't it?

I started my baking marathon 2 weeks before CNY. This is by far the most ambitious baking I've taken up. I used up 15 pineapples to cook the pineapple jam, 1 kg of almond nuts for almond cookies, loads of butter for shortbread butter and maple syrup butter cookies, kueh bangkit and coffee cereal puff cookies. Lots of physical energy and stamina are needed to withstand such a marathon bake. My hands and back were aching after the first few days. I needed a massage badly. I started taking ginseng drink to give me the very much needed energy boost. Most amazing of all is I prayed for God to grant me all the energy and stamina I needed. God is good and faithful. He said "Yes".

 Few days before CNY, I finally finished all my baking and I managed to squeeze in time to pamper myself with a manicure/pedicure, facial and hair cut and treatment. That's so wonderful. Will I be able to repeat such a hectic baking schedule next year? I don't know but I hope I can bake more to share with family and friends.


The beautiful flowers bought for Chinese New Year.


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