Friday, December 28, 2012

Cookies for Christmas

I bought some nice cookie cutters for this Christmas. Time to take these cookie cutters out to bake some nice shortbread cookies for my friends as Christmas gifts. I've never baked shortbread cookies before. The nearest one to it is the cookie of the pineapple tarts that I bake every year. They are very similar in ingredients except that these shortbread cookies do not use eggs. They are pretty easy to make except that the dough needs some cold, tender loving care in order that the shapes come out nice and clean.

Besides these shortbread cookies (recipe from Joy of Baking), I made a batch of double chocolate pecan cookies (recipe from Daily Delicious) too. Special request from my friend who craved for crunchy chocolate cookies. These chocolate cookies are easy to make and don't require much of your time. No rolling and shaping of the dough needed. Simple and good old declicious comfort for most people. I'm also very happy with the shortbread cookies -  buttery cookies that have a little crunch that melt in your mouth. Make sure you use good quality butter (I used SCS unsalted butter here) and vanilla extract.
To present them beautifully as a gift, I bought Martha Stewart's cookie bags. They are so pretty and I can't resisit buying them. $14.95 for 8 bags from Shermay's Cooking School. They are a little expensive and my daughter mentioned that I can DIY. That's very true but I'm too lazy to do my own cookie bags.

Merry Christmas

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