Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

What type of cake shall I bake for my father's birthday? I wanted to create something different other than chocolate-based. I think I've baked enough of chocolate cakes. After browsing through my cookbooks and the internet, I settled on Strawberry-themed cake.

The easiest one is strawberry shortcake. This is the season where there's lots of Korean strawberries in the supermarket. The only tough decision is what type of cake base to use - vanilla chiffon sponge, French genoise or Japanese sponge cake. In the end, French genoise won. French genoise is very light and can be dry and porus. But once you soak it with sugar syrup, it is magically transformed into a light and moist cake. I love it for the fact that I use various kinds of liqueur to flavour a simple sugar syrup. Brandy, rum, cherry liqueur, grand marnier, etc ..... For this cake, I used non-alcohol based rose essence since children will be sharing the cake. You do not want the kids to be intoxicated. Haha  ..............
The sponge cake is split into 3 layers and filled with fresh whipped cream and lots of strawberries. The rose-infused sponge cake gave out a very lovely rose fragrance but the surprising thing is all of them thought it was lychee when they bit into the cake. That's very strange ............

We celebrated my dad's birthday at Tung Lok Signatures @ Vivo City. We had 'dim sum' and ordered some of their popular dishes (Peking duck, braised spinach beancurd, panfried beef steak, etc). You have to try their Baked Seafood Cheese Rice in lotus leaf. It's yummylicious. Children will love their custard buns or 流沙包. It's good but high in cholesterol due to the egg yolks and cream. You can indulge in it as you don't eat them often. The food is good and I would highly recommend this place to friends. The dessert spread is very tempting and good too. We have to leave it to the next time as we were all full to our chest and we have to cut and eat the lovingly baked Strawberry Shortcake.

My parents, my sister & her family and my family


Ruth Tan said...

Hi Joyce,thank you very much for sharing your mango mousse cake recipe. My son was tasked by his classmates to bake a mango cake for a classmate's birthday.
I found your recipe and we tried. It was successful. We don't have a chiffon sponge cake recipe, so we used Phoon Huat's sponge premix.Turn out alright.
Looking at your Strawberry Shortcake is enticing. My son wants to try. Will you be able to share your recipe? We would appreciate, would be great to have a vanilla spong chiffon cake recipe too. Thank You.

Ruth Tan said...

Hey, I found your Vanilla Sponge Chiffon cake. Will try baking this. Thank you once again.

Joyce said...

Hi Ruth,

It's great to know that you found the vanilla sponge cake recipe. Still trying to find time to organize and update my blog. It's rare to find a boy interested in baking. Keep up your passion. Enjoy baking the strawberry shortcake.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

ZS said...

hi do you have a recipe for this it look so beautifully delicious..and it might be suitable for a muslim family like mine...want to bake smtg like this!:) do share pleaseeeeee

Joyce said...

Hi ZS,
Sorry for delay in replying you. This cake consists of the vanilla sponge cake and ftesh cream frosting. Here's the link to the vanilla sponge cake recipe
You can find the fresh cream frosting recipe from my Black Forest Cake dressed in white post.
Hope this will help. If not, I will summarize the recipe for you.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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